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Welcome to JFK - Japan Food & Kitchen.The  Internet Shop is CLOSED
We have the pleasure to present a full line of Japanese food and household utensils, which form the necessity for a succesful Japanese lunch or dinner.
Japanese soy-, yakiniku-, sykiyakisauce and other special sauces
Japanese noodles
Different kinds of pickles
Green tea
Japanese type rice from California
Japanese china-ware and household utensils
Rent Japanese DVD movies NEW
Japanse Cook Books                                                                                           and ricecakes, candy
SUSHI ROBOT for Restaurant
Industrial Roll Machine Maki Cutter Nigiri Robot Rice Mixer
Sushi Video (30 min VHS).
You can learn how to cook Sushi Rice, Norimaki, Nigirisushi, Chirashisushi, etc..
You can watch some short clips of this video here.
You need RealPlayer to see them.
Rice Cooker for Restaurant
National Rice Cooker / Warmer SR-UH36N
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Our Shop in Stockholm
Please visit our shop in Stockholm, where you will also find frozen food, which is not at the present sold in the Internet shop.
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